100 Years of Black Beauty in Under a Minute

100 Years of Black Beauty in Under a Minute

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The history of black female hair is rife with politics—but it is also a space for empowerment and expression. Cut.com’s new video, “100 Years of Beauty: Marshay” is a time lapse of popular black female hairstyles and beauty looks from 1910 to 2010—in just under a minute. This is a follow up from the first “100 Years of Beauty” video, which uses a Caucasian model, and Cut.com even helpfully included a side-by-side comparison video to satiate our curiosity. We’re especially fond of the tight bobs of the 1920s à la Josephine Baker and the afros of the 2010s (hat tip, Solange Knowles).

“What made the first piece so easy is that white standards of beauty are never complicated by race,” director Mike Gaston told Yahoo Beauty exclusively. “This is one of those things I knew intellectually but had never really internalized as a white, straight, man—until I found myself making this video.”

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