Milk: The Switch Up!

Milk: The Switch Up!

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I’m not going to go on and on about how bad cow milk is because yes there may be some benefits to drinking cow milk. But what if I told you that it’s a fact that cow milk kills up 355,000 people per year globally? Pesticides poisonings is the cause. Its encouraged to leave the cow milk to the cows. Or I’ll just say animal milk. Cow milk becomes another hazardous product when engineers add pesticides. Women breastfeed their children with their breast milk for a reason. And a damn good one-because it’s for us humans. There are so many resources that will tell you both sides such as why cow milk is good for you and why it’s not good for you. In this case, the bad outweighs the good when it comes to our health and bottom-line, death.

Check out this post that will give you eight reasons that gets straight to the point as to why to leave cow milk alone. Journalist Mickey Z briefly presents eight slides on why you should stop drinking cow milk.

I understand for those who cook, you’re used for your infamous dish to taste a certain way that everybody loves and in order for it to taste the same as everybody loves it you must use the same ingredients. Why not give a plant-based alternative a try? If you eat dry cereal or oatmeal soy and almond milk will do the job just fine. There are so many other types of milk to use such as soy. almond, cashew, and rice to name a few. These alternatives are lower in calcium and Vitamin D which is great for the bones but the nutrients does the body good in the long run. When you eat a healthier diet, you’ll get your calcium and Vitamin D from other foods so you never have to worry about not getting enough.

Just like which has more protein found in veggies vs. meat, there will always be a debate which milk is advantageous. As a consumer, always buy organic unflavored plant- based milk in order to preserve the proteins that contains it. For more proteins, add other good sources to your daily intake for extra boost. More people are becoming aware to switch it up. As Time Magazine explains it, plant-based milk alternatives are on the rise.

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However, just because it’s known for something to be consider much healthier, it will not be for everyone. Talk with your doctor or a nutritionist to find out if you do not have any allergens towards any food. But if you want to make healthier options for weight control and to protect your heart, switch to soy. It’s the way to go.

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