3 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Weight Loss

3 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Weight Loss

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3 Simple ways to Kick start your weight loss

We’re nearly through summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get that beach body in order! While there are 1,001 diets and exercise plans out there for you to sample, I think everyone should know that the bottom line method for weight loss is eating healthy and working out. But when it comes to getting started, there are a few things I tried that have really help me drop the first and last seven pound during my summer weight loss journey!


Detox water

If you haven’t seen these colorful fruit and veggie filled drinks all over Instagram and Pinterest, then let me be the first to tell you that they are delicious and they work! Detox water is a simple and easy way to get rid toxins that hang around your mid-section while staying hydrated throughout the day.



Sauna’s and/or Sauna Suits with Abolene

Sweating is a great way to shed water weight, and by using the sauna or a sauna suit while working out, your body will be forced to sweat out all that extra H20, just make sure to stay hydrated afterwards. Adding Abolene to the equation, which is originally a make-up remover, but has been proven to aid in increased sweating while working out, can times these results by 10!


Take the Albolene Challenge!!

Green Tea

Green tea, is one of the best known ways to aid in digestion, and when drunken 20 to 30 minutes after each meal, can really help to shed that excess belly fat and even increase your metabolism.


(Read: Benefits of Green Tea)

Whatever of these options you choose or if even you go with all three, dieting and exercise should be added to the equation to maintain these results and so you can be sure to have your body in order by the time you hit the beach!

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