4 Free Apps to Use for Meditation Practice

4 Free Apps to Use for Meditation Practice

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We could all take more time in our lives to simply sit and be still. Thanks to modern technology this opportunity is more accessible than ever.

Do you ever feel overworked? Burnt out? Or like you lack motivation?Meditation can help you.

To meditate is to purposefully center and create space for oneself to simply exist without considering any outside pressures or obligations.

I don’t know about you, but meditation is definitely something I need, constantly, in my life. Here are some of the apps I’ve used when I started incorporating meditation into my busy lifestyle:

  1. Calm






2. Headspace





3. Breathe2Relax






4.Stop, Breathe, & Think






I hope you find your fit with one of these apps! Which one was your favorite? Do you have any apps not mentioned here that you use? Comment below!


Zakyree Wallace

Hey y'all! My name is Zakyree Wallace, and I am a staff writer, soon to be assistant editor, at Natura Magazine. I’m passionate about mindfulness, learning more about feminine energy, and the history and lasting effects of racism and capitalism in our society. While I’m currently a sophomore at UNC-CH studying African American and Women and Gender Studies, I’m excited to leave my student days behind and embrace learning non-traditionally.

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