5 ways Lupita Nyong’o is changing the face of beauty

5 ways Lupita Nyong’o is changing the face of beauty

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Over the last decade, natural hair has been on the upswing in the Black community. Everyone is talking about how gorgeous Afro hair can be, but Lupita is bringing love to the ladies with the TWA (teeny-weeny Afro). I mean, how many ways can she style two inches of hair? There’s been the Elvis pompadour, the Minnie Mouse puff, the cat ears, and the widow’s peak. Apparently, the options are endless with an amazing hairstyling team.

Whereas women with short-cropped hair might have felt limited in the past, her numerous styles only prove what I already knew: there’s nothing more versatile than natural hair. You can wear it straight, curly, or picked out. It’s the epitome of self expression.



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