7 Reasons to Love Zendaya

7 Reasons to Love Zendaya

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It would be cool to be friends with a celebrity. Especially if that celeb was Zendaya. We think she’d be the perfect BFFL. Here’s why:

She’s still in tune with her Disney image and her younger fans.

We’re glad she’s staying true to herself and her fans. She’s showing everyone you can still be a Disney kid and have a successful career outside of Disney.

She’s got a radiant confidence that’s captivating.

She’s smart.


Zendaya is maximizing her time on Disney, which is a smart move. She’s got a devoted group of older fans, and she’s continuing to garner younger fans. Her endless optimism and mix of innocence and maturity make her a great role model to our younger generation of girls.

She’s fun.

Could she be any more adorable?

She’s versatile.

Tens all across the board.

She’s a Natura girl.

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She eloquently stood up for herself and every black woman. We are not our hair. But our hair is beautifully textured and divine.

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