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7 Ways to Improve Length Retention

Moisturise & Seal!: Ensuring your hair is moisturised & sealed will prevent your hair from being dry & brittle, in other words more susceptible to breakage

Protect your ends!: Your ends are your hair’s elders. What do you show the elders in your life? Generally more respect right? lol same with your ends. They are the oldest part of your hair and require more attention, patience and care. When you can, try out styles that require you to tuck away your ends e.g. buns, roll & tuck styles, updo’s…

Low manipulation!: Try incorporating hairstyles that require minimal manipulation. Constantly fiddling with your also can effect the length you retain.

Use your hands more!: When you can, avoid styling tools such as hard bore bristle brushes and combs. Try finger detangling your hair instead, especially as you’re most likely to be gentler with your hands. You can feel for knots and undo them carefully as opposed to combing through and yanking the knot apart, ripping your hair and most likely causing split ends

Get a fresh trim & get rid of the dead broken ends!: Contrary to popular believe trims do NOT make your hair grow but provide help created a healthier state for your hair to thrive in. Hanging on to split ends will cause the split to travel further and further up the hair shaft damaging more hair overtime.

Keep the use of heat minimal!: Step away from the blowdryer lol. When you can just let your hair airdry – braid it after a wash a take it out once it’s dry.

Snap it!: Without being crazy length obsessed & measuring your hair everyday, keep a record of your hair growth- take pictures. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the progress our hair has made. However being able to compare pictures will show you just how much your hair is growing.

In addition be realistic, hair grows on average 4-6 inches a YEAR so don’t expect Rapunzel long hair in the space of a month. More importantly though…so don’t forget to enjoy your hair no matter what length it’s at – Appreciate each stage

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