A Man’s Perspective Of A Mother’s Impact … ” Mother is God, in the eyes of a child”

A Man’s Perspective Of A Mother’s Impact … ” Mother is God, in the eyes of a child”

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“Mother is God, in the eyes of a child”.

No greater love can be found in this world than that of a mothers. Motherhood is much like child birth, it’s a long process in which much pain must be endured and much love must be shoveled out. Being a mother is being the Great Pretender. She must pretend she is unaffected by being unappreciated. For not a soul walking this earth is “In Tune” to the countless sacrifices their own Mother had to make to ensure the best possible outcome for them. My Mother gave me her life. It wasn’t until we grew older and became parents ourselves that a certain type of understanding was bestowed upon us. It is with this understanding that I write this blog, “It was hard and you did it with ease”.

My position, as I hope most are, is this: A Mother Is a Woman Who Is Mother to the Child.                       As a woman you are a gift. As a mother you are a blessing. The greatest of tasks have been put before you and you conquer them, not yearly, not monthly not even daily but rather every minute of every day of every month of every year. Your attributes make you BEAUTIFUL. Your perseverance makes you RARE. Your ability to understand, most all situations and to address them as best you can, with limited recourses, at times alone, makes you nothing less than a Superwoman. Your self sacrifice and willingness to forgive is evident in the fact that your children have a roof over their head, clothes on their backs and food in their stomachs. Funny as it sounds and as simple as it seems, it is a responsibility that all too many on the world scene fall short of daily.  A value can never be put on the mother who works long tiresome hours just too barely provide for her family. Nor for the mother who racks up hospital bills she can’t pay because an illness has unexpectedly overtaken her child. What about the mother who has to pick up and leave everything she knows to free herself from a relationship unhealthy for her and her children. The mother that puts a smile on her face when the world is literally on her shoulders and no one is there to help her. The mother that needs like any other person, wants like any other person and has dreams like any other person but alas must go without or put aside for the benefit of their family. When you take a brief look, just a glimpse at what a mother goes through, what she sacrifices and ultimately what she accomplishes; it rivals the great tales of history. A few words come to mind. The first is Amazing followed by priceless. I am and shall continue to be awe struck by the protection of a mother. Mother: The definition of Love. While it is no easy task to be a mother, the pay isn’t great and the hours are long, you press ahead! Even though it comes with much heartache and pain and little recognition you take great joy in knowing that your baby loves you more than anything in this world and though they may waver they will always return needing you, often times, more than ever. Mothers provide the mental and emotional foundation for children and thus hold the future in their homes. To the mothers that are their for boo boos, report cards, punishments and broken hearts, for the mothers there for slammed doors, “I Hate You” and lies, to the mothers there for a sweet kiss goodnight. Keep your head up high with no cockiness aside, you are a mother, there’s no tougher, with no wings you still fly.

By Tremayne Pryor


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