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Are You A Basic Or A Recessive Maintenance Natural? Lets Build Our Healthy Haircare Regimen



Whether you are relaxed, natural, or transitioning, it is very important to have a

Healthy Hair Care Regimen.   Throughout our lives, and as our hair goals change, we may

move in and out of one regimen  type or another—- sometimes  purposefully, and at other

times, without realizing it.  The type of regimen you need   to follow depends entirely upon

your goals– and your success with any regimen is determined by your ability to make the

required adjustments needed to satisfy the regimen(Science of Black Hair). In most

instances the maximum length that women of color obtain is about 12 in (shoulder length).

This is the length that most women dread, because they feel that their hair is in a stagnant

phase and has stopped growing. In actuality, the hair has not stopped growing, but

maintenance is not being fulfilled; therefore the hair is not  retaining length.  The difference

between ethnic hair texture and caucasian or asian hair texture, is that women with ethnic

textures have to invest more time and effort in maximizing the length and health of their hair in

order for it to prosper.  This is where the Healthy Hair Care Regimen comes into place, and

I’m going to offer you  some tips on forming the most realistic and healthy hair regimen

for your lifestyle.

Which type  of natural are you…. Basic or Recessive?

Basic Maintenance

  • Hit-or-miss product selection and often incorrect product use.
  • Very few moisture sources and/ or greases and oils substituting for moisturizers.
  • Infrequent hair cleansing and conditioning.
  • Direct heat used for daily ( or more than once a week).
  • High- manipulation styling with no protection of the hair shaft or ends.
  • Protein sources used in excess.
  • Moderate relaxer use, every eight to ten weeks
  • Hair-coloring abuse.
  • Infrequent hair trimming or abundant hair trimming that is not in sync with the hair’s growth rate.

Recessive Maintenance

  • Poor product selection and incorrect product use.
  • Extended periods of time between hair cleansings.
  • No moisture sources/ excessive use of protein sources.
  • Daily heat use.
  • Rough handling of the hair.
  • Color abuse: bleaching, multiple spins around the color wheel from one color to the next, too frequent coloring and/ or coloring hair already in poor condition.
  • Excessive relaxing (less than six to eight weeks between applications).
  • Improper neutralizing of relaxer chemicals.
  • Weave extension abuse.
  • Excessive trimming due to damage.

Healthy Hair Care Regimen

  •  Carefully planned and strategic product selection.
  • Optimal moisture levels maintained within the strands.
  • Moisture sources balanced with adequate protein sources.
  • Protection  of hair shaft and ends from heat and physical damage.
  • Low- manipulation hair styling
  • Natural hair— with no chemical processes. Or, chemicals administered no more than every ten to twelve weeks.
  • Diet  and body maintained at peak levels.

Everyone maintains different hair care regimens whether we realize it or not, but to promote

hair quality and growth you have to begin to invest the time to obtain results.  It is ok if you

don’t meet all the requirements of the healthy hair care regimen, but you must supplement for

whatever you are lacking.  For instance I currently wear a permanent color in my hair, but I

make sure that I get my touch-ups every 10-12 weeks so I don’t damage my hair,and I

keep my hair moisturized so that it doesn’t become dry and brittle.

What regimens do you ladies maintain?



Regimen listing via The Science of Black Hair

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