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Are You Going To College And Your Natural ?!? (Check inside for tips to make a smooth transition)

First, I would like to congratulate the class of  2013 for completing high school and

moving on to bigger and better things in life !!!!  I remember just last year I was in your shoes,

and so ready to finally spread my wings and begin my college journey. After completing my

first year of college, and experiencing all that I have, I can honestly  say that I’m on the road

to becoming a better woman.

Well, enough with all that lol!! lets discuss  natural hair in college !!!!

Whether you want to believe it or not, having natural hair is a major trend on college campuses

everywhere!!! College is the place where you begin to discover who you truly are, and have

the freedom to express yourself, so why not start with your hair !

On my campus I have come across so many girls who are natural, and need help with their


Well have no fear Li-Li is here !!!!!

I have created a list and some tips that you might need to be able to manage your natural 

tresses in college. I will also be including a more in depth section in the upcoming issue

of Natura Magazine. 

Check it out here

 Let me know if there is anything I should add for the next issue.





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