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  • September 12, 2014

Ask Felicia: Are We Over The Natural Hair Scene? #FeliciaFriday

Ask Felicia: Are We Over The Natural Hair Scene? #FeliciaFriday

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Written By Felicia Leatherwood

I’ve been talking to several naturalist’s and bloggers and some of them are wondering what’s next for the natural hair movement?  After all it rose up so strong and proud, so some are wondering where do we go from here?
I have to be honest, when I stepped on the hairstylist scene back in 2000, natural hair was more of a trend and it wasn’t as creative as it is now.  There where more men rocking cornrows and coil out’s than women because the women were still in the “feeling sexy with a weave” state of mind, but we adored our black men with their braids and flat twist and afros.  We thought that when Allen Iverson hit the court, he was the finest thing out there and every woman who found him sexy wanted to braid his hair!
Fast forward 14years later and there is a whole community of natural hair wearers, but this time it came with a twist…not only did the women show up to say “We are not going to allow any type of product of chemical to touch our hair,” we also showed up to empower, support, send love and occasionally criticize each other!  We showed up with attitude, flare, chicness and style.
So now that most of the naturalistas have the hang of what works for their hair and they have been to all of the meet-up and chats and now have a ton of samples to choose from as well as tutorials on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, women are asking what next?
Where do we go from here?  Well I believe some of us will be one with our natural hair and some of us won’t!   As things calm down and the smoke of excitement clears and everyone goes back to their mutual corners to look for the next best thing.  I think we will see the beauty in it all!  We will see women that just want to grow their hair no matter what they use, some women will still be product junkies, some will go back to wigs and weaves or relaxers and some will not care either way.  But mostly, I think where we are headed next is a feeling place that can’t be duplicated or taken away…something called confidence!  Out of everything the natural hair community  gave us, it was a sense of PRIDE and CONFIDENCE that we gravitated to more than anything!



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