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Ask Felicia: Best Way To Know Which Product Is A Friend Or A Foe



Written By Felicia Leatherwood

So, one of the main Natural Hair topics is…moisture and how to know which products work best on our natural hair so that we don’t destroy it!

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Here is a great way to listen to your hair and know what it needs.

First of all pull out of your cabinet your top four choices for conditioning and styling your hair.
Second cleanse the hair using a nice clarifying shampoo like ION’s Clarifying Shampoo and then proceed to conditioner.  Now what you want to do is divide the hair into four sections and on each section place 1 conditioner at a time.  So you will end up having a different conditioner on each section of hair.
What you are looking for in results with this way of testing your products are, softness, manageability, detangable hair and most of all moisture.  It’s better to test your products in this way, because you can compare them to each other and your hair will always let you know what it likes and doesn’t like!
You can do the same for your styling products as well.  When it comes to testing your styling products be sure to keep a little pen and pad next to you, so that you can make notes about the products you are working with.
Remember what might work for you, may not work for you friend or family member!
This tip will help you find out which products are a friend or which products have become a foe!
Have fun with your hair!


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