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Ask Felicia: How To Find A Good Hairstylist #Felicia Friday

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Via Felica Leatherwood
Tips To Find a Good Hairstylist:

When it comes to finding a hairstylist that is right for you, there are many common mistakes. Let’s look at a few things to consider when looking for a good hairstylist!

1) Never go to a hairstylist because you were told someone famous goes there!  You may not receive the same level of service as a celebrity if you are not one.

2)When receiving a referral from a friend, be sure to ask the friend what they like about the hairstylist. Chances are you each may have different needs, and you want to be sure that yours are met — especially if you and your friend are going for something completely different with your hair.

3)Try to Google search a few hairstylists to see if there are reviews posted about their services. Definitely consider the types of ratings and feedback that may be attached to the stylist’s name. This includes checking to see if the hairstylist has a website with posted pictures of his or her work.

4)Contact the hairstylist to see if you can set up a consultation before booking an appointment. This eliminates a few factors like the distance you will have to travel for your appointment and whether or not the shop is set up in a professional way. It is also wise to ask the stylist questions like:

– What hair textures are you most comfortable styling?
– What products do you use in your salon?
– What forms of payment do you accept?
– What are your usual business days and hours?
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Make sure the answers to these questions match your hair type, personal preferences and lifestyle.

5)Be sure to take at least three pictures of hair crushes you have to see if the stylist can duplicate what you want. Also communicate what you hope to attain while your hair is in this stylist’s hands (i.e. length, strength or styling techniques).

6)  Ask if the stylist is open to learning about new products on the market. Find out if he or she is open to you bringing in some of your favorites so that the stylist can continue to use what your hair likes!

7) Lastly, if all things are in alignment with what you want in a hairsylist, Go For It! You finally found a hairstylist you like!!!  BUT if you find apprehensiveness and attitude…grab your bag, and get out of there fast!!!

What have been your experiences with finding a new hair stylist? Natura wants to know ! Leave your comments and questions for Felicia on this post.

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