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  • January 12, 2015

Ask Felicia Leatherwood: The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Hair Faster

Ask Felicia Leatherwood: The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Hair Faster

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Written By Felicia Leatherwood:

1)Have a consistent regimen

 Be sure that you have a system for your hair care and stick to it!  So, if you shampoo & deep condition your hair on Saturdays and do hot oil treatments on Wednesdays, be sure to stick to the same routine so that your hair will be on a schedule.  Then you can really see how well you hair does on a scheduled regimen and the benefits of doing this.

2)Hair growth supplements
First of all, lets be clear about what supplements are.
A supplement is known as something that is to be either taken with something else or aid in something else. For example, a vitamin is a supplement, however just taking a vitamin alone will not make you healthy. This must be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise.
Here is a small list of some of the top hair growth products out on the market.  I have tried and tested these products and they really do work!
-Hairfinity Hair Growth vitamins
-Biotin vitamins
-Ovation Cell Therapy
-ORS Temple and root stimulator
Be sure to read all direction and test in a small area of the head to be sure you are applying properly and your hair likes it.
DO all hair growth products work? Some work great but nothing takes the place of a good diet, proper rest and the right amount of water in your system.
 3)Oils that help with hair growth
Jojoba, Carrot, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut oil, Rootspiration, Saw Palmetto and Rosemary oil.  These oils help stimulate growth by rejuvenating the cells on your scalp to produce more hair.  But you must apply regularly and also use the product for 1 whole year before stopping.
4)Hair growth exercises
-Inversion Method aka hanging upside down.  If you care to hang upside down for a while to carry the blood threw your scalp and bring life back into your hair.
Also regular scalp massages help stimulate growth.
And lastly Yoga.  Yoga keeps the oxygen flowing through your body so that you rebuild cells and grow hair.
5)Massaging the scalp;
– Nothing beats a good ole fashion scalp massage for about 20-30min a day to get that blood flowing and your scalp lose.


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