Ask Felicia Leatherwood: Tips For The Safest Way To Dye Your Hair !

Ask Felicia Leatherwood: Tips For The Safest Way To Dye Your Hair !

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— Here are tips for the safest and healthiest ways to dye your hair!

Written By: Felicia Leatherwood
The first thing you need to know about hair dye is that not all hair dye products are made safe.  Permanent dyes that use peroxide penetrate the shaft and last the longest on your hair, but


depending on what you use, may not be as safe as dyes that do not contain harsh ingredients.  There are other options which are better and healthier for your hair.
You can choose demi permanent(begins to wear off after about a month and a half), or semi permanent(lasts for about 6 shampoos). You also have the most healthy option for your hair, which is a natural or herbal dye. These types of dyes are derived from plant pigments. (Another thing that I personally like to take into consideration is that the herbal dyes make MUCH less of a mess on clothes. With permanent and semi permanent dyes that are mixed with peroxide, just one drop of dye on any clothing can ruin it.)

Some tips to dye your hair in the best and most healthy way:

-Use a sulfate free shampoo or color treated shampoo after coloring, to cut down on color fading.

-Don’t try to make dramatic hair changes, the closer you stay to your natural hair color, the easier it is to keep it healthy when using dye   regularly.  If you want to go from dark to light, I suggest you lift your hair color 1 step at a time.  Just take your color up in stages, instead of making a drastic change so fast.

-Do follow an at home hair care routine recommended by a professional hairdresser.

-Take extra care of your color treated hair when in the sun. Use natural products that have sunscreen protection, i.e., Carol’s Daughter, Phytoplage, etc. and if you want to keep it all natural, you can rub 4-5 drops of sesame oil on your palms and finger and apply to your hair. Pay more attention to the ends. Sesame oil, not only blocks sun rays, but also keeps your hair smooth and shiny.

-Be sure to deep condition at least twice a month when shampooing hair.

-Make sure you shampoo your hair 3times to get the color out.
-And of course, the less often you use chemicals on your hair the more healthy it will remain!  You should only be coloring every 4-6weeks and in between, if you have darker hair color; use a mascara wand or dark hair mascara to cover gray in the front of head, until it’s time to color your hair again.

My favorite Natural Dyes are “Naturtint”(found online or at WholeFood), it’s a vegetable dye and Bigen Henna which is much safer to use on your hair!

This is why I like vegetable dyes and they are safer to use at home as a do-it-yourself color…Some women have health concerns about using hair dyes. Certain forms of cancer have been linked to some of the chemicals found in harsh colors. Others have allergic reactions to the chemical ingredients in permanent hair coloring products. If you are pregnant, you may worry about the safety to your baby’s health. Vegetable dyes are a safe alternative to chemical coloring products.

Vegetable hair dyes have been used for thousands of years. They are safe, even for use in pregnancy. There is some evidence that suggest that different types of vegetables, fruits and berries were used to color hair back in Ancient Egyptian times. Although the methods of preparation are very different today, many of the same basic ingredients are still used.

There are many benefits to these types of dyes. They don’t alter the structure of the hair as traditional coloring products do. They don’t contain the harsh products that can cause damage to your hair. They contain ingredients that condition the hair. I’ve noticed after using a henna or vegetable dye, I can see more shine on the hair and it doesn’t feel dry like some of the other harsh store bought dyes.

Best thing to do is to test everything before applying to the whole head!  See if your hair likes it before going all in.  SO test on a very small portion of the head and also be sure to read the direction, it’s the most important part of the process.

Weigh the good vs. the bad when it comes to the health of your hair.  Sometimes we get caught up in the outcome or the look of a particular style and we leave out proper care for our hair.  You can have both, good hair care regimens and beautiful healthy hair!


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