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Great Products for TWAs!

Via Let Me Let You Hey curly girls! Just wanted to share with you all a few great videos I found.  Each videos is especially tailored to TWA ladies! Right after you big chop and have a TWA, you may be desperate to find things that work to keep your hair moisturized.  FEAR NOT!…

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Preserving Your Wash and Go

Wash and go’s are one of the best perks to me since going natural.  Never before was I ever able to gel my hair and run out of the house, knowing that my hair would take care of itself as it dried throughout the day! It’s a blessing and a curse though, because it can…

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Humidity is not much fun, especially when you have curly hair.  Some of us get hair that shrinks up, while others get hair that frizzes out and swells.  This article is geared towards those who have hair that shrinks up in humidity (like mine).  I’d comment on the other half, those who’s hair frizzes up,…

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DIY Facial Masks Recipes for All Skin Types

By Shanti Terry Have you ever noticed the ingredients on the back of a store bought facial mask product? It’s difficult to understand how to even pronounce half of those…

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Stretching Your Curls: A lesson on Blow Drying Your Roots

Via Shanti Terry of Let Me Let You Know Ah, the quest for lessening natural hair shrinkage!  It seems like every week I see a new product that claims to elongate, stretch or loosen curls for natural hair.  At first, I jumped on the bandwagon with every one that came out. The only thing I…

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