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Natural Winter Care: Don’t Bake Your Hair!

By Shanti Terry of  the Let Me Let You Know blog As the winter weather continues on, so does the ever present battle with keeping our tresses healthy during the…

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Make The Most of Your Post-Workout Meal

Need help deciding what to eat post-workout? Fitness guru Alicia Marie humorously explains the importance of refueling and what to avoid eating after exercise. It can be tempting to grab a…

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Ab Attack: Workout of the Week

You can do it in the car. You can do it in the bar – even on a (red dwarf) star! Actually, just kidding. Unfortunately, my favorite ab workout requires…

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Natural Hair, Winter Care: Don’t Get Tangled Up!

Written by Shanti Terry When the winter comes, all sorts of problems can arise with natural hair. It may get dry, it may get brittle, and it can be very…

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“Rap For Us Sam”

Today, we have an essay from a Sam McClenney about growing up as an intelligent black male in a system that didn’t anticipate his success. This is a story about the expectations placed on people of color. More importantly, this is a story about a loss of innocence: about seeing in color.   Here’s what…

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