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Get Fit With Keke Palmer

The toned, 21-year-old actress, Keke Palmer, spilled a few secrets about how she stays fit. “I typically do cardio every morning and night, and I am currently doing the 30…

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Winter Hair TIPS: Choosing Conditioners for the Winter

  In the winter, everything about your natural hair regime can change, especially concerning your conditioners. What worked before, in the spring and the summer, may not work at all once the weather starts to cool down. It can be frustrating unless you have already been through the change a couple times before. Today I…

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Getting Schooled by the Girls at Get Lit

Three teens — Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen — dropped loads of truth on the Queen Latifah Show while performing for the nonprofit organization Get Lit, which promotes literacy through performance art and poetry. They talk banned books, gender inequities, and thought control. They talk about what we really learn in class: that it’s better to…

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Bodacious Booty: Workout of the Week

  New year, new booty. It’s time to get a jump-start on that warm-weather bod with this quick butt-sculpting workout. Do this routine a few times a week, maybe throw…

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Chicken, Peppers & Onions English Muffin

This recipe is perfect for a quick, healthy lunch or snack. I love it because it’s super simple and doesn’t take long to make. The original recipe was found on…

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