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15 Simple Tips to Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul

By Dr. Jesse Chappus Here is a list of 15 simple things to consider incorporating into your healthy routine to help balance your mind, body, and spirit. 1. Exercise – Find an exercise you enjoy and start doing it regularly. 2. Be grateful – Stop to think about the things you have going for you…

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Why Am I So Tired? 10 Possible Causes of Fatigue

By Gina  ShawWebMD Feature Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD   Do you feel tired all the time? Lots of people do. It’s a sign of our overbooked times. Getting…

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Perm or weave? Rachel Dolezal puts hair questions to rest

By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN (CNN)It’s among the many questions burning up the Internet since the Rachel Dolezal situation came to light. Sure, we’d like to know why she identifies as…

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Ask the Experts: The Real Reason Your Hair is Falling Out (Throwback)

by Nicole Marie Melton It’s no secret that sistas love rocking every hairstyle under the sun. But while our ever-changing tresses allow us to rock versatile ‘dos, weaves, chemical processing and too-tight hairstyles are also causing premature hair loss at alarming rates. A recent study found that permanent hair loss among Black women is…

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The Real ‘Scandal’? Olivia Pope’s Hair

by Amy Klein I was so worried when Olivia Pope, heroine of ABC’s Scandal got kidnapped at the beginning of the year. How would D.C.’s fictional fix-it lady survive this…

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