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What’s Your Hair Type

Whats my hair type?… Am I a 4a, 3b,  or 2c?  Whether you just transitioned to natural, or you’ve been natural for years, knowing your hair type can rule out a lot of unnecessary problems when managing your natural tresses.  Knowing your specific hair type can help you determine what products and styles work best…

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It Isn’t Okay To Compare Solange’s Hair To A Dog

By Phillip Picardi PHOTO: BRAD HUNTER/NEWSPIX/REX USA. Today in Tabloids Being Terrible, a snap of an  In Touch page called “Creature Feature” is circulating online (h/t to  Bossip), featuring a headshot…

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Carol’s Daughter Founder: “Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Smart”

by Amber Katz Anyone who’s indulged in a confection knows that homemade goodies triumph over store-bought when it comes to desserts, but hand-mixed beauty products rarely work out so well. The…

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U.S. Navy Responds to Hair Controversy with New Guidelines

by: Sara Bliss Jessica Sims served in the U.S. Navy with an unblemished record for 12 years. For over 10 of those years, Sims wore tightly woven dreadlocks pulled back in a bun without comment from her superiors. Then Sims was asked to change her hair to fit in with the Navy’s longstanding regulations requiring…

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The Versatility Of Styling Natural Hair (Video)

The Versatility Of Styling Natural Hair is a video that represents women who are choosing to embrace their Natural Hair! Created by Natura Magazine featuring educator and natural hair salon…

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