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Self Trimming Natural Hair

Source: The Science Of Black Hair Audrey Davis-Sivasothy Self Trimming Natural Hair Is Simple! Because natural hair does not provide length cues that indicate a need for trimming, such as…

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Natura Magazine Teams up with celebrity natural hair stylist!

Natura Magazine has teamed up with the beautiful and talented natural hair celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood. Starting this Friday and every Friday during the month of April Felicia will be…

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Should natural hair be trimmed wet or dry?

Audrey Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care By You’ve seen the stylist in your neighborhood salon approach a head of wet dripping hair,…

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Water-Based vs. Oil-Based Moisturizers

  Via: The Science Of Black Hair  Author: Audrey Davis-Sivasothy   There may be times when oils and oil-based moisturizers are preferable to water-based moisturizers for maintaining hair in a particular style.  For example, for naturals who press or straighten their hair, or anyone who sets their hair, water based moisturizers will always cause the hair…

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How often should I trim my ends???

By Cipriana of   Snip, snip, snip. As I watched my ends fall into the bathroom sink I thought, “How in the hell am I supposed to keep retaining length…

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