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Learn how you can get mentors like: Jeff Bezo’s, Elon Musk, & Mark Zuckerberg

I know you’ve probably heard this 1,000 times before, but I want to reiterate how essential mentors are to the success of your career. ┬áNot only are they your sounding…

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Get inspired: Meet 23-year-old millionaire Sandile Shezi

I know we all wish that we could be millionaires in our 20s, but could you actually visualize yourself making that happen? If you can, what steps would you take?…

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7 Habits that you should acquire if you want to be more effective in reaching your goals

In order to be successful, you have to obtain the characteristics of the person that you wish to become. If you were to study the people that society deems as…

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Become a YouTube sensation! Shameless Maya teaches us how to build an at-home studio

“I got my start by giving myself a start”- Madame C.J. Walker So, I’m assuming that you have landed on this post because you are either in the process of…

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Meet 20-year-old Girl Boss: Asia Milia

For the first installment of the “Young Moguls” movement, I want to introduce you all to someone who I feel is changing the game in the fashion and media industry.…

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