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4 Quick Ways to Make Any Bad Day Better

We’ve all been here. We get disappointing news, forget due dates, or sleep through all five of our alarms. Things happen, but it should only affect your mood in that moment, not for every single moment in that day. Where would we be if we carried the weight of everything that’s ever gone wrong with…

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3 Things to do when you’re indecisive

What is something we can all say we’ve felt when indecisive? Confused? Conflicted? Lost? Unsure? Maybe these terms are starting to sound familiar. When faced with big and small decisions, these feelings are common and should be expected. Change and transition don’t come without an element of fear, but this isn’t a bad thing. Being…

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The Perks of Being Natural! (Learn More Inside)

Do you know the Perks of being natural? Are you proud of your natural hair and decision to go natural? Do you sometimes feel tired of the upkeep and the…

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Dear America: ‘Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows’

Amandla Stenberg, who we know for playing Rue in the “Hunger Games,” is calling out America for its appropriation of Black culture with what she calls “a crash discourse on black…

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Cosmo Article Reveals Racial Bias, Surprise?

Cosmopolitan article “21 Trends That Need To Die in 2015” is being called racist for only associating trends that should “R.I.P” with black women.               People on social media were quick to call out Cosmo. After some strong backlash on Twitter, the editor formally apologized. “Some images have been…

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