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Brandi Cohen Interview for The Big Natural Hair Project

by Leon Dale

Q: How long have you been natural?

A: I have been natural for 7 years.


Q: Why did you go natural?

A: At the time that I went natural, there wasn’t a lot of info on natural hair care and the term “going natural” wasn’t popular yet. Really, I just wanted to stop relaxing my hair, nothing deep at the time. It was costly and my very thick hair would never get completely straight. My hairstylist would relax my hair and then apply a lot of heat, sooo all of the heat was defeating the purpose of the relaxer. My hair was long, but not very healthy. I was at a crossroads, because I didn’t see “going natural” as an option. I was watching an episode of Girlfriends and was captivated by Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross’s) hair.


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