1024 928 Khari Jones Jr.

INDY’s Brunch in the City Event Kicked Off Spring in the Best Way!

  Brunch In The City was an amazing event for the city of Indianapolis, and it was so inspiring to see so many young people coming together with good vibes,…

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1024 683 Malia

Why we should stop referring to Hip-Hop as “Old- School”

Written by: Jermaine A. Shoulders I decided to speak my peace after I had recently read a Twitter post by Kevin Powell, a writer from Brooklyn, NY. He and…

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605 564 Cierra Venable

My first impression of The Weeknd’s “StarBoy”!

The Weeknd is back, and with more great music! Last year the Canadian singer received a Grammy for his album “Beauty Behind the Madness”, and fans have been patiently waiting…

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597 560 Dillon Robinson

Five reasons why Nelly should be a first ballot Hip-Hop Hall of Famer

This probably isn’t what you expected to be reading and that’s perfectly fine. And, I’m pretty sure by now many of you have ditched the band-aids, Air-force one’s, and have…

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1024 576 Khari Jones Jr.

Step outside of your comfort zone, and study abroad before you graduate

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking how things maybe, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson. Earlier this year I went…

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