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T.I. flips the script on police brutality in new song “War Zone”

In T.I.’s latest video, “War Zone,” he tackles head on the issue of police brutality and how race plays a huge factor in who is targeted, and who is not.…

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#MovementArt Alexa Meade brings her painting to life in “Color of Reality” short film

When you think of famous artists, whom are the first to come to mind? For me it is Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangleo, Vincent van Gogh, and more recently…

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Michael Jordan breaks his silence in wake of recent police brutality incidents

As a TarHeel, this story makes me happy. Basketball legend Michael Jordan has broke his silence on police brutality, and is offering his resources to help promote the much needed…

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#SayHerName: Black Women Face Police Brutality Too!

Trayvon Martin. Mike Brown. Eric Garner.  Tamir Rice. Freddie Gray.  and countless other African -American men who have gained the media’s attention, and those who haven’t, are the force behind the “Black Lives Matter” movement.   For years, black voices have been silenced and overlooked when it came to the injustice experienced by the hands of…

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Kadra Mohamed is the First Police Woman in Minnesota to Actively Wear Her Hijab, While on Duty!

  Kadra Mohamed is a 23-year-old black girl who rocks! With religious and race relations being at the forefront of political discussion, she is bringing up the conversation, and opening the doors for Muslim women who want to take up a profession in law-enforcement. Via Hello Beautiful (By: Danielle Young) Mohamed first came into our…

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