Cloves for Hair Health

Cloves for Hair Health

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Cloves smallBy Shanti Terry of Let Me Let You Know

Hello, Naturalistas!

Got another tid bit of information for you today about improving your hair’s health naturally.  The subject of the day is :CLOVES.  Cloves have many benefits for treating various issues in the body, including the hair and scalp.


How Do Cloves Work in Relation to Hair?

The answer lies within the very chemical makeup of cloves.  They are naturally antifungal, antiseptic and anesthetic.  Cloves and clove oil do a great job of keeping impurities out of your hair and scalp so that it can grow to it’s full potential.


Why Should You, as a Natural, Use Cloves?

In the quest for perfect curls using styling creams, moisturizers, gels and conditioners, a lot of buildup can occur if you’re not careful.  All the things you put in your hair on a daily basis can lead to issues if left unattended.  Cloves are a simple, natural and easy solution for keeping your hair and scalp clean.  When your hair and scalp are clean, you’ve provided those two areas with an environment that will encourage growth and increase your hair’s overall health. Cloves can treat dandruff, itchy scalp, hair loss, thinning hair and clove can even refresh hair color when used properly.


How Can You Incorporate Cloves into Your Hair Regimen?

There are several ways you can add the use of cloves into your regimen to get a healthy hair and scalp.  Today we’ll discuss three that are easy and effective.

  • Diluted clove oil scalp massage

To press the reset button on your scalp, try mixing a few drops of clove oil with coconut or olive oil, then massage it into your scalp. Once you’ve applied it all the way through, let it set for a few minutes.  After that, massage your scalp once more, concentrating on any dry, itchy, or thin spots.  Wash your hair after that, using a sulfate free shampoo, bentonite clay or an ACV rinse and your ready for conditioning.

  • Clove tea rinse color refresher

Steep cloves in boiled water to achieve a type of clove tea.  You can use bottled cloves, but fresh is best, as always. Once the tea has steeped to your satisfaction, use it as a rinse on freshly cleansed and conditioned hair.  Your color will pop, as it benefits from the nourishment the clove tea provides.

  • Clove oil/tea deep conditioner

This one is easy peasy.  Just add some of your clove tea or few drops of clove oil into your favorite deep conditioner for an added cleansing boost.  You’ll hair will truly be primed and perfect, ready for you to style the day away.


That’s it for now ladies.  If you haven’t tried cloves in your hair regimen, I suggest you do.  Come back and share your results when you do.  Happy Wednesday!

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