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Contour Like A Pro

Via Essence

Ever wonder how to minimize your forehead, sculpt your cheekbones or create a jawline—minus the surgery? Celebrity makeup artist Jai Williams shares his step-by-step guide to creating a close-up-worthy face.

What is Contouring?Six Steps to a Great Face

Six Steps to a Great Face

1 Prep the skin with a pore-minimizing primer for a lasting look.

2 Decide which formulation is best for you: Liquid or cream? Matte or glossy? For seamless blending, select products that are the same type.

3 Choose both a lighter shade and a darker shade of foundation, concealer or a foundation/concealer combo.

4 Apply the lighter hue to the areas to be highlighted, then follow with the darker hue for the areas to be contoured.

5 Combine with your fingers, a makeup brush or a sponge—whatever you feel most comfortable using.

6 Finish with a talc-free translucent setting powder or bronzer to avoid an ashy appearance.

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