Curl Talk: FroGirlGinny Talks Natural Hair, Confidence, and the creation of #Froday

Curl Talk: FroGirlGinny Talks Natural Hair, Confidence, and the creation of #Froday

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Meet Ginny Pettitt a.k.a “FroGirlGinny”, the natural-haired bombshelle from London, who has curls and wisdom for days. I’m sure you’ve seen her gorgeous locs posted, and reposted about 1,000 times on various natural hair pages, but we had the opportunity to catch up with her and have a little “Curl-to-Curl” talk about hair, personal growth and what she has planned for the future.

Get in the mix, and check out our chat below!

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Who is “Fro Girl Ginny”? 

I’d like to describe myself as love and light. I used to hide my
light when I was younger to fit in with the world as I was afraid to
be myself. I now love parts of me which I used to invest so much time
in trying to modify. I am now starting a new journey of my life at
University in London studying Journalism.

 Talk to me about your natural hair journey. (How did it start,
challenges and experiences, etc.)

I started relaxing my hair at such a young age, growing up in London
it was very hard to have access to products or information so the only
result was to apply a thick white ointment to my scalp to tame the
mane. I big chopped at the age of 11 so I had to recreate myself, I
stood out amongst everyone who had silky straight hair; to top it off
I had the worst acne so my self esteem was very low. Somehow years
later I am now embracing my natural hair and I love it.


What was your process in learning how to accept your natural

Cutting off all the relaxed hair was the biggest lesson, it went from
silky hair to big curls that I had to make so many assumptions on what
to do; it took time but I got there in the end.

What is your hair type, and what are your go-to natural hair-care

I don’t categorize my hair, it’s too unique to fit under a number
and letter. It has so many different curls too! My favourite natural
hair care products are Tresemme All Naturals Conditioner and Kinky
Curly Knot Today!


What’s your style? (How do you rock your natural hair?)

I embrace my Wash N’ Go!

 What is the natural hair scene like in London?

It is still growing but whenever I see a woman with natural hair, no
doubt I’ll go up to her and compliment her. I love making women feel
good about themselves. It isn’t as developed as the USA but it has
its own unique and it’s own cool

 What was your inspiration for creating “Fro Girl Ginny”?

I love taking pictures and writing, those are my outlets of my
creativity. So putting it all onto one place sounded like a great
idea. Of course I was very scared at first but it was different to
what people were doing around me.

 Talk to me about “Happy Fro Day,” how did it come about?

I was walking with my friends on a Friday, I had my ‘fro super big
on that day and everyone kept giving the looks so I started saying Fro
on a Friday. It just came to me to put it together and since then I
started saying it but I wasn’t on social media at that time so I
kept it quiet until I felt it was ready to bloom.

I think that its great that you offer “Words of Wisdom,” what
do you hope to achieve by sharing your thoughts?

We all have our own stories, some to share and some that we keep lost
under the curls. I like to share mine as I feel so many people can
relate to them. My Aunts read them too and somehow they can learn
something, it’s so fascinating to me that sharing a hard time I may
be going through can allow people to feel inspired from it.

What is your best advice for anyone who is beginning his or her
transition from relaxed to natural?

Cut it off, it’s such a beautiful journey. It’s liberating and

 If you could describe your hair in three words, what would they

Vibrant, Golden and Free.

 What’s next for you? (What are your future plans with your site,
and upcoming events)

I have so many things written in my journal, before I achieve them I
want to enjoy my youth. I think that is the most important thing. The
opportunities I have been blessed with are absolutely amazing but I
want to create memories too, making friends; travelling and all that
beautiful stuff!

Check Ginny out on Instagram @FroGirlGinny and on her website HERE





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