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Curly Confidence

It’s no secret that it takes a great amount of courage to be natural. And in my opinion being, going, or ever having been natural is a declaration that deserves applause, especially in today’s society where bundles of hair from Brazil, Malaysia, and Eurasia are in as high of a demand as plastic bags at the grocery store.

So what is the common thread that holds together those that endure the inevitable criticism, lack of understanding, and simple frizz frustration? Well the simple answer is Confidence. And having it can go a long way in not only your natural hair journey, but all future journeys in life.

via typicalvixen.tumblr.com
via typicalvixen.tumblr.com
Remember why you did it….
Before you made the decision to be natural you more than likely had at least a few good reasons. Write down all the pros, (forget the cons they’ll revel themselves eventually, and it’s too late for it now!), make it pretty, and now look at your list all these things that lead you to this amazing declaration! At the bottom of the list write [YOUR NAME you are fierce], and hang it on your wall so you can always remember the reasons you made this step.
Look at all your support!
Gone are the days where naturalistas had no sisters to help them embrace their roots! There are thousands of curly communities that  you can lean to for support, from girls that have been through the same very stages that you are at now. Not to mention all the photos that showcase just how beautiful your curls can be which you can find by simply searching a variety of hashtags. Just look at where you are now a magazine totally dedicated to “making natural beautiful,one curl at a time”. Every step of the way you have a total support system, so reach out!
via typicalvixen.tumblr.com
via typicalvixen.tumblr.com
(Fellow Curly Girl: instagram.com/goddessgram)
(Natural Hair Photos: untouchmyhair.tumblr.com/)
Finally, know you are beautiful! 
The Creed for my website TypicalVixen.com is “When I look in the mirror I am bright and beautiful, one of a kind, and absolutely wonderful”, in other words God don’t make no junk! Whether your hair is long, short, curly, or straight, you as a woman can rock it out because that’s just what us women do! Love yourself first and foremost, and everything else will follow.


The definition of confidence is…

Full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing. And who better to trust than yourself? Never get tired of your decision to love your natural self, because it’s a courageous things that not all girls are able to do. So join the club, get curled up, and always keep your confidence on hand.

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