Donuts for breakfast, not so bad?

Donuts for breakfast, not so bad?

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Donuts are considered one of ultimate sweet treats, but what if we told you that you could still enjoy this frosty treat while trying to watch your weight!? Along with many other hearty and delicious breakfast meals that you probably thought were off limits! Most health and fitness guides recommend a Breakfast in between 500-700 calories a day One Chocolate Frosted Donut from Dunkin Donuts is only 270 calories that’s more than half the amount of calories as a Sausage Biscuit from McDonalds, which is 510.



People who have experienced weight loss success as well as maintained weight loss ALL ate breakfast everyday.

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“Breakfast is important because it increases your metabolism and helps you maintain high energy levels throughout the day. People who eat a big breakfast report feeling less hungry before lunch and all day than people who eat a small breakfast, according to a 2008 study led by Daniela”

Some more Sweet Treats:

Pancakes- just plain hot cakes from McDonalds is only 350 calories…buuuut add only 1 packet of Syrup and you’re up 180 calories but still at 580 calories.

Sugary Cereal-may not seem like a first choice when dieting, if you follow the serving size along with using reduced fat milk (Which isn’t so bad by the way) most cereal are only 120 calories per serving, and also make a great to go snack by simply measuring out a cup and putting it in Ziploc!



Pop Tarts- One Pop Tart has 190 Calories and Just 15g of Sugar, and if you eat two you’d only be spending 380 calories.

Blueberry Muffin-While muffins are high in sugar and carbohydrates, This can provide energy to help you stay pumped throughout the day and with only 380 calories you can add in an apple or some other fruit to keep you full!



While calories aren’t the only thing to consider when trying living a healthy lifestyle, A sweet treat in the morning can encourage you to eat breakfast everyday, and not make your diet so rigid and unattainable.

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