Eye For Design Hair:How To Create A 5 Minute Hairstyle With Extensions!!

Eye For Design Hair:How To Create A 5 Minute Hairstyle With Extensions!!

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1MP copy With summer upon us, every woman wants to look fab and protect her hair at the same time. Eye For Design owners Ijeoma and Uchenna can help you do just that with their tips on: -How to Create a 5 Minute Hair Style with Extensions -How To Look Like A Beauty Queen On A Budget -How To Enhance Your Look With Hair Extensions Eye For Design is a hair extension company that provides _high quality and long lasting_ remy virgin Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, and European human hair.


Eye For Design began when two sisters, Ijeoma and Uchenna, embarked on a journey six years ago to provide beautiful high quality human hair extensions to woman globally, of all ethnicities. Back in 2007, while on vacation together in Europe, they were surprised and saddened to see that just as in the United States; there were a large number of women wearing _low quality_ hair extensions.


This inspired Ijeoma and Uchenna to start a hair company that would provide _high quality long lasting human hair extensions_. As women who wore hair extensions, they knew firsthand the struggles of finding “good hair” and they were determined to find it! Their journey has been a long journey.  1001239_439479816167057_691724702_n

Since then the company has seen tremendous growth. They are the official hair sponsor for numerous pageants such as: Miss California USA, Miss Louisana USA, Miss Malibu USA and more. Visit the site at www.eyefordesignhair.com


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