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Felecia Friday’s What’s Happening underneath our hair?

by Celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood


Since I've been a hairstylist, I've noticed that aside from what we can
see happening on our scalp, there is a lot we don't know happening
underneath our cuticles layers and under the top layer of our scalps.  
That being said, I've made it my business to understand natural hair
better from the stand point of the inside out, instead of the outside

We tend to only pay attention to what we can see...but what about what
we can't see?  If you where to take a magnifying glass and went through
your hair, you would find and whole tiny universe inside of each layer
ad under the scalp.

Not to scare you, but it's quite interesting what is there.  Let me
break it down to you.

Hair is composed of a few different things, one of them is keratin.
 Keratin is the same kind of protein that makes up strong nails and the
outer layer of our skin.  Keratin is also one of the key structural
components of your hair.

Let's look at Keratin and some of the other wonderful things that make
up the matrix of the hair a little deeper.
Hair strands grow from a little sac in the scalp called the follicle.
 In the follicle is where keratin and other proteins are created.
 When the proteins die out in the scalp, they become the hair shaft and
when the new proteins come in, they push out the dead ones and this
becomes the hair on your head.  So everytime you get new hair growth,
that means that you have received new living cells under the epidermis
layer of your head.

Next you'll find three layers on each strand of your hair and these
layers are known as
1. Innermost layer or medulla which is only present in large thick
hair(not everyone has a medulla)
2. The middle layer known as the cortex.  The cortex provides strength
and both color and the texture of the hair.
3. The outermost layer is known as the cuticle.  The cuticle is thin
and colorless and serves as a protector of the cortex.

Underneath the scalp layer of your hair, you will find the sebaceous
gland,  This gland secretes the oil which is known as sebum to
naturally condition the hair and skin.  As we age we tend to produce
less of this natural oil and women produce even less than men.

So when you think about moisture and hair growth, consider that a lot of
what your hair needs to be healthy and grow out looking shiny and strong
will start from the inside out and not always the outside in!

Also when you hear the word keratin, you don't have to run an hide, you
just have to see what other ingredients are mixed in with the keratin
and make sure they are not harmful to your hair and body!  Some people
may ask, "If you have keratin in your hair, why do you need to use
products that have more? "  Well the answer to that question goes all
the way back to genetics and diet.  Lots of people don't have enough of
the right proteins in their body to help the keratin make a difference
in the cortex of your hair and so you may need to chose your products by
their deep conditioning effects and do protein treatments from time to

But at the end of the day, it is more beneficial to you to get plenty of
rest and a full balanced meal and you will see a big difference in your
hair and skin!

Felicia M. Leatherwood
Don't whine, speak kind to your hair and it will return the favor!
www.lovingyourhairwithnaturalcare.com [1]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_DR-WF-YZ0 [2]

[1] http://www.lovingyourhairwithnaturalcare.com
[2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_DR-WF-YZ0

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