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#FeliciaFriday- Me and My Big Chop!


Written By Felicia Leatherwood

So I finally did the Big Chop and not because my hair had any type of chemical on it or was damaged in any way, but mostly because it was time!  It was time for me to release a lot of unwanted negativity and slow moving energy.  Don’t know if any of yall can relate, but sometimes you just have to release and let go.
18677_258357050796_676515796_4846130_7275713_nI found myself starting to become…what I call “hair obsessed.”  I started changing my hair a lot and still not being satisfied with any one hairstyle.  I started feeling restless and that’s when I discovered that my issue was deeper than my hair, and it was more about what was going on, on the inside, instead of the outside.   So, what did I do?  I chopped it!  I chopped it to get back to myself.  I lessened what I was making the issue be about and found out that I was thriving for so much more than the perfect hairstyle.  I was thriving for perfectionism and security.  Bad combination…you can’t be a perfectionist and feel security, if you’re always trying to find fault.  So now that I’ve finally gotten down to the nitty-gritty of it, I’m able to get freedom and love myself from a different place.  I absolutely Love my new look and my beautiful hair, no matter long or short.

This look has gained me more confidence, security and I don’t think about being so perfect, cause I am loved just the way I am!

Sometimes we gotta take inventory and make sure that the very thing we need to change is our attitude or frame of mind and not always our hairstyle!


What do you think?