How Feminism Has Strengthened My Relationships

How Feminism Has Strengthened My Relationships

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Too often we allow our socialization to dictate the value we place on the women in our lives and what is considered “women’s work or issues.”

Since being introduced to feminism, the relationships with the women in my life have grown stronger. I recognize the invaluable importance of the roles women occupy and how enriching their varying modes of expression are and have been in my life, whether through their care and support or their inspiring self-assertiveness.

Before I made a conscious decision to value women and all they do and represent, I was at constant odds with women in my life and my self worth.

Gaining an understanding of feminism and its importance enabled me to open my eyes to the ways in which women are afforded value in this society and how these messages regulate the way women interact.

Eventually I found myself committing to these actions before relying on toxic, learned ones:

  • Stop viewing yourself in competition with other women.
  • Lift up before you put down.
  • Actively value women.

I won’t pretend that I’ve been cured of internalized sexism.

It is a difficult and long process to unlearn and deconstruct what society has spent your whole life telling you.

The first step is deciding to think differently and to want a different world than what’s been presented to you.


Zakyree Wallace

Hey y'all! My name is Zakyree Wallace, and I am a staff writer, soon to be assistant editor, at Natura Magazine. I’m passionate about mindfulness, learning more about feminine energy, and the history and lasting effects of racism and capitalism in our society. While I’m currently a sophomore at UNC-CH studying African American and Women and Gender Studies, I’m excited to leave my student days behind and embrace learning non-traditionally.

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