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How to do a spiral set on natural hair

Spiral rods
Rat tail comb
End wraps
Setting lotion
Water spray bottle
Three way comb

After hair has been shampooed and conditioned start sectioning the hair from
The nape area. Each parting should be the same width as the spiral rod.
When you get to the top crown area set the hair to frame the hairline going forward for bang, side partings and height.

After you have completed your set sit under a hair dryer for approx: 1 1/2 hours. Some hair textures may take a little longer. Make sure the hair is completely dry before removing rods.

Remove rods and separate each curl into 3 sections starting from the crown area. You can use a pomade or light serum to get rid of frizzy ends and add shine.

Use your three-way  comb and lift the hair from the root with out pulling all the way through . You just want to lift the curls up to create height.

To see beautiful spiral sets on natural hair click here

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