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How to do a two strand twist

How to do a two strand twist

Water spray bottle
Wide tooth comb
Rat tail comb
Butterfly hair clips
Moisturizing styling gel
Leave-in conditioner
End papers
Small to medium size perm rods

After you shampoo and condition the hair begin sectioning the hair from the nape area. The partings can be any size that you choose. Use zigzag partings so that the scalp is less visible.

Take your first section and split it into two sections. Start twisting the two sections around each other. Just bring the left part over the right and lightly pull the right one. Now right part will become the left. Repeat the above process, left over right. Twist the two strands until you reach the ends of your hair. If you have straight or thin ends use the perm rods and roll the ends for a better curl base. Continue making and twisting your sections through out the
Entire head. Once you have finished you will need to sit under a hair dryer or let air dry (for at least 24 hours), before un-twisting and styling.

You can use your three-way comb to lift out for height and styling

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