How to Eat Clean

How to Eat Clean

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How many of you actually think about what you put into your body? Honestly, I never really thought about it until after I had my daughter. Eating healthy is not as easy as some may think. There’s junk food that stick out like a sore thumb in grocery stores, fast food joints on every corner, and eye-catching commercials that lure you in especially when you’re hungry. Lately I’ve been thinking back on what foods I’ve eaten growing up and majority of it has been processed foods. Then I think to myself, there’s got to be a better way of eating than all this garbage. So I’m going to share with you some information I’ve gathered on how to limit consumption of processed food.

The goal you want to set is eating foods that are as close to natural as possible. Sure you can have a little pinch of processed food, but do not overindulge in it. Fruit, in their natural state, is the best way to go. For starters, an Apple is a great snack as opposed to an Apple Pop Tart. I think you can guess the reason for this. An Orange or 100% Orange Juice is a better choice than some sort of other Orange drink. Fruit drinks contain a load of high fructose and very little real juice. There’s nothing natural about that.

Next, I’d like to share about foods most children dread, which are vegetables. Let’s talk carrots! The best source is from the produce section, but not bagged like baby carrots. Don’t get me wrong, packaged baby carrots would be the next best thing, but good ‘ol regular carrots are as natural as they come. Personally, I like baby carrots more. If you’re making a salad, choose unbagged Spinach. When I shop for my Spinach, I alternate between bagged and unbagged.

Don’t think I forgot about meats! One of my favorites is Turkey. A whole turkey or turkey from the Deli is way better than those frozen meatballs in the freezer section. I’ve purchased those before only when I absolutely have to. Another meat of choice you’ll find me cooking in the kitchen is chicken. Kids love them and so do adults, but Chicken Nuggets are not the real deal.


Do you like sandwiches on white or wheat bread? When I was younger, white bread was all my parents bought. I think my mother got wind that wheat was better and stayed with wheat. That’s all I have sandwiches on now as an adult. The best would be Whole grain bread. You get the most nutritional value from it. If you’re making a pasta, a whole wheat pasta is said to be better because it is higher in antioxidants. I haven’t influenced myself to go from white pasta to whole wheat pasta yet. That’s a tough one for me.


Looking at my two and a half-year old, I want her to be educated on how to make healthy food choices. Having her in my life has definitely changed my perspectives in my eating habits as well as me wanting to remain healthy in the years to come. If you must buy frozen vegetables, steer clear of those packaged with sodium-filled sauces. You also have the option of freezing them in their natural state if you’re not going to be using it all at once. Try to incorporate fresh meats rather than frozen packaged meats. It all boils down to being more conscious of eating more natural foods and learning how to make better selections.

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