How- To: Keep that Manicure PERFECT

How- To: Keep that Manicure PERFECT

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Tips to keep your nail polish chip free.

Ever spend an hour doing your nails only to smudge a nail within minutes of finishing up the last coat? Here are my favorite tips to keep your nail polish from chipping when doing your own manicures.

-Before polishing, wash your hands, and wipe your nails with polish remover to remove any oil and dirt.

-Always use a base coat.

-Use a Dehydrate! One way to keep your nail polish from chipping off is to use a dehydrate on your nails before applying the polish. A dehydrate is a product that strips oils and other residue from your finger nails so the nail polish has a clean surface to grab a hold of. You can typically purchase a 5 ounce bottle of dehydrate through a beauty supply store for $7. If you don’t have a bottle of dehydrate handy, wiping your fingernails down with a bit of nail polish remover will do in a pinch. (Extra tip: Wiping your nails down with a tiny bit of vinegar is a great dehydrate also)

-Add a quick layer to just the tips of the nails first (almost like a French manicure tip), then paint the whole nail like normal. Adding an extra layer of polish there means that, ultimately, the tips will actually have three coats and all the more protection.


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