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Humidity is not much fun, especially when you have curly hair.  Some of us get hair that shrinks up, while others get hair that frizzes out and swells.  This article is geared towards those who have hair that shrinks up in humidity (like mine).  I’d comment on the other half, those who’s hair frizzes up, but I just don’t have experience in that area. 

So then, all you curly girls out there with hair that shrinks up tight when it’s humid, listen up!  Below are a few tips that you should read if you want to learn to deal with your hair in the humidity.  Happy Reading!


1)   Don’t Fight Your Shrinkage.

Alright ladies, I know this one doesn’t sound like much fun, but it’s really the first and most important step in caring for natural hair in humidity.  Your hair will likely draw up as the moisture enters it from the atmosphere, so don’t waste time stretching it out unless your going to put it into some sort of protective style.  Shrinkage is annoying yes, but it’s just something that goes along with natural hair.  The sooner you embrace that, the sooner you’re on your way to being happy with your hair in the humidity.


2)   Use flax seed gel, and modify accordingly.

I LOVE flaxseed gel.  I’ve said it before, and I’m sure ill say it again before this paragraph is over.  Flaxseed gel is one of the most versatile styling agents you can ever hope to come across. I use it when it’s humid.  I use it when it’s dry.  SAME results, always.  You can add things in to change up the formula on a whim.  Take marshmallow root for example.  If you need extra hold when using flax seed gel in a humid climate, you can add in marshmallow root.  It increases the hold phenomenally.  You can also choose the consistency of flaxseed gel.  If you want light hold, boil it for just a few minutes.  If you need it thicker, and stronger, then boil it for longer and use less water.  Easy! It doesn’t get easier than that ladies.  That’s why I LOVE flaxseed gel! J


3)   Wear protective styles.

If you’re sick of dealing with the humidity and you are tired or messing with shrinkage, put your hair away for a while.  Give yourself a break, you deserve it! Get some braids or twists put in if your hair is to short to protective style with buns and updos and etc.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You’ll give your hair a rest and give it time to relax and grow!


4)   Try Something New.

Try out a few new products that are especially made or well known for fighting humidity.  I found a great article here that lists at least ten you could find and try.  You could also try out a new cut.  Get something that looks good with your curls drawn up and shrunken.  Get adventurous and get going!


What do you think?

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