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I Got DNA Tested To Determine My Skin Care Regimen

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It’s difficult to predict how your skin will respond to aging.  My mom is in her late sixties and doesn’t have many deep wrinkles.  Instead of just hoping I inherited this trait, I went and got my DNA tested to see if science could give me any clues about how my skin would age. Sound extreme? It could become a standard procedure sooner than we think.

Dr. Ruthie Harper, a Texas-based dermatologist and founder of Skinshift, has been using DNA technology to recommend skin care treatments to her patients for a few years.

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“It’s about helping people spend their skin care dollars in a more purposeful way,” Dr. Harper told ELLE.com. “It doesn’t matter how expensive a product is. If it doesn’t work for us, it isn’t a good decision.”

As a person who has a completely unscientific, multi-step skin care system, this sounded pretty good to me. To start the process, I sent Dr. Harper’s office a DNA sample. All you have to do is swab your cheek with a special Q-tip, pack it in the included box, and ship it off. Scientists can study DNA from any cell of the body, but cheek cells are easiest to get because they happen to slough off easily. In case you’re slightly freaked out by someone having access to your DNA, don’t worry. Dr. Harper’s office does the testing completely confidentially and then destroys every sample. Read more HERE

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