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I Want To Go Natural…. But I Don’t Know How?!?


One of the scariest things about going natural, is the idea of  not knowing how to take care or manage your hair after you big chopped or decided to make the transition. Experts of the Natura Staff have composed and answered a  list of frequently asked questions in order to help you in your journey.  If there are any questions that were not answered in this post, please submit a comment and we will be sure to follow up and answer your questions.



How to go natural
The consultation

If you are considering going natural here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Q – I’m thinking about going natural , what are the steps that I should take so that I don’t have hair loss?

A- When your transitioning from relaxed to natural one of the biggest problems you will encounter is excessive dry and brittle hair.  It’s usually caused by the relaxers and using the wrong products.
My first recommendation is to find a stylist that is open to working with making your transition.  Try to find someone who has a passion for healthy hair and a good knowledge about hair care and products.

If you choose to transition on your own you should invest in good products that include; a sulfate free cleansing shampoo, a deep conditioner, a leave in conditioner, a blow-dryer with comb attachment, a good flat iron, a wide tooth comb, and a light natural oil like virgin olive oil that you cook with.

Q- What are the best styles for me to wear will I’m transitioning?

There is not really a best style!  It really depends on you and your lifestyle.  You can pretty much wear any style.  The most important steps are the foundation!  Keeping it moisturized and making sure to practice healthy hair regimens.

If your wearing it in straight styles, use your products, make sure to moisturize with your leave- in conditioner and light oils.  Use moderate heat!  Flat iron should not be higher then 385degrees.  Make sure to keep the new growth as straight as the relaxed ends and don’t flat iron more then once a week.
Protect your hair with a satin or silk bonnet at night

Set styles and twist styles
Make sure to use your moisturizing products and light natural oils.
Sleep with a satin or silk bonnet at night

Braid extension styles
Make sure you deep condition before you get your hair braided.  Steam treatment would be ideal !  Make sure that your braided does not braid your hair too tight especially around the edges. Don’t keep your braids in more then 2 to 2 1/2 months and sleep with a silk or satin bonnet at night

Weave styles
Make sure to deep condition before getting your weave done.  Continue to shampoo and style in between  at least once every two weeks and try not to wear your weave longer then 2 1/2 months at a time.  Steam treatments would be great because it will allow moisture to get down underneath the weave.  Make sure your weave is not put in too tight and if you have your natural hair out at the top and around your edges try not to put heat on it to frequently. No more then once a week if needed and your flat iron temperature should not exceed 385 degrees.


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