Insanity: Max 30 – What’s inside the Box

Insanity: Max 30 – What’s inside the Box

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There is always hype about Beach Body products, Insanity being no different. For people around the globe, these “quick” ways of losing weight and getting fit or healthy are always what seems easiest. “Easiest” is a loose term, of course.

I’m going to be doing Insanity over the next two months, and I want the readers of Natura to be able to be on this journey with me! For a little bit about myself, I’m Brittany and I’m the multimedia director of Natura Magazine. I’m a 20.5-year old student at UNC-Chapel Hill, and I have a busy schedule like so many others. With a busy schedule, it is always easy to skip a work out (or two…or all of them) and it is always easy to go through the fast food line. Believe me when I tell you, the freshman 15 snuck up on me and then the sophomore 10. It is not fun AT ALL.

Why the change now? I am constantly tired and not getting as many hours out of the day as I should be. I am not moving as fast as I could be with proper nutrition. I have “let myself go” in a way that has let me make excuses for my health. I am sick more often. I can name plenty of reasons as to why now. The main one: because at one point or another, you have to get up and do it if you want it that badly.

Now in my junior year, I’m trying to get back under control but it is hard with so much going on. Insanity: Max 30 came up on the television, and it seemed like it was going to answer my prayers. I took a leap of faith and ordered it (for $119.95 from so that I could try to make myself a better version of me. A more fit version of me.

My Insanity: Max 30 box came a few days ago, and I’m about to walk you through what is included.

In the box:

  • A set of 5 DVDs for month 1Insanity Box
  • A set of 5 DVDs for month 2
  • A “Nutrition to the Max” guide
  • A “No Time to Cook” guide
  • A “Max Out” guide
  • (and) A double sided workout calendar (which isn’t pictured because it is already hanging on my wall!)

Out of the box I also received the “Sweat Fest” DVD because I ordered through my BeachBody coach! (spoiler alert: I already did that workout this week just to test it out, and it was CRAZY.)

At the beginning of next week I will be starting the 60-day process that is Insanity: Max 30. I am just a regular woman who wants to get fit, so I hope this is going to inspire some of you to try to work out with me! If you’re nervous to take this first step (just like I am) maybe get a friend or a group of friends to help keep you accountable. I gathered a group of people to do Insanity: Max 30 with me, and I’m also relying on the readers to look out for this post every Friday to keep me accountable as well!

Stay tuned for more!

With love,

Brittany Renee

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