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Is There Segregation In The Natural Hair Community?!?


Making the decision to go natural is more than just a physical transformation that you have to

experience in order to complete the transition, but it is also becoming apart of a

community of women who embrace their natural tresses and the natural hair movement.

Like any other formed group or clique that stands for a cause, there are obvious oppositional

values against individuals or groups who have opposite ideas; and the natural hair community

is no different. ¬†In a lot of instances, women who are natural tend to “naturally”

(you like how I did that lol).. look down upon women who get relaxers or Keratin Treatments.


Relaxers and Keratin Treatments in the natural hair community are considered out-dated,

and harmful to the hair, but beyond the segregation between natural- haired women, and

women who wear relaxers, is the segregation within the natural hair

community. ¬†It seems that as more and more women ” go- natural”, there is an increasing

division between who has the best hair type and what being ” natural” actually means.

Let me dive deeper into this subject….

Who Has The Best Hair Type?…..

Natural-haired women recently, have become increasingly

concerned with their hair type. There are “hair-type” charts pretty much on every natural

hair blog that breaks down hair textures and what products and methods work best for

that particular hair texture. ¬†I personally ¬†believe that “hair-type” charts were created to

assist in helping women better understand what products and methods work best for their

hair, but over time it has become a tool to create a separation among women in the

natural hair community.   Women who have 3A,3B or 3C hair types tend to be considered to have

the beautiful and easy to manage natural hair. Where as the 4A, 4B or 4C naturals tend to

be considered to have the rough, un-manageable, unattractive natural hair. This idea not

only separates women in the natural hair community, but it also discourages women who

want to go natural or maintain being natural because of the false standards of beauty.

To me no one hair type is better than the other. Yes having any of the 4 hair types may take

a little¬†more effort to maintain, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less beautiful than the other

hair types.


Are you really natural?… ¬†

Within the natural hair community there is a division between two kinds of naturals.

The what I like to call  Conservative/Militant naturals, and the Liberal/ Free naturals.

Conservative/Militant naturals believe to be natural…..

  1. You shouldn’t put heat on your hair
  2. ¬†You shouldn’t color your hair or engage in any chemical processing
  3. You should wash your hair at most once a month
  4.  Only engage in low manipulation hair-styles
  5. Only use natural hair-care products

Liberal/Free naturals believe natural is…

  1.  No relaxers what-so-ever
  2. Experimenting with hair colors (safely of course)
  3.  Washing your hair on a weekly basis or whenever needed
  4. Low manipulation or High manipulation hairstyles (safely of course)
  5. Using whichever products that work best for your hair
  6. Using heat and not chemicals to straighten hair (moderately)

Between the two, there is always separation between what it means to really have natural

hair and to not. ¬†I personally consider myself to be a Liberal/Free natural, because ¬†I’m

always experimenting with different hairstyles and products, and I don’t feel its necessary to

be so extreme when it comes to defining whats natural.

There shouldn’t be any separation when it comes to hair types or which “natural” is the best,

because we all made the decision to achieve healthy hair, and no one method or texture is

better than the other.

Do you believe that there is segregation in the natural hair community?




What do you think?