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Ladies…Who’s Hiding Under Your Weave?

– Mo Ivory, CBS Local






March is Women’s History Month, making it an opportune time to invite all ladies to please, PLEASE, come out from under your weave!

And if that automatically offends you, you are exactly who this article is meant for.

I am not judging you, calling you out or degrading your weave.

I’m simply trying to find out why you really have one and what it means to you.

So, let’s set some rules for this conversation: Let’s exclude all women who have suffered from a medical condition, disease or have lost their hair to no fault of their own. Let’s exclude women who are employed full time as super models, or have a full-time job on Broadway. Let’s exclude all women who say they have a weave as a protective style because they are growing out their hair or need to protect their hair for some reason.

Fair enough?

OK, let’s talk…

Statistic: Black women spend billions of dollars a year on hair products buying 70% of all wigs and extensions purchased in the United States. Weaves include but are not limited to, actual weaves, lace front wigs, regular wigs, weaves sewn onto a wig, clip-ins, sew-ins, glue-ins or anything that resembles or appears to be any of the aforementioned.

But this commentary arose not from those figures, but from my own 14-year-old daughter; who asked me several months ago: “Mom, can I get a weave?”

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