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Let’s Get Twisted: Two-Strand Twist Feature

by Chelsee
Are you  preparing for a summer vacation? Are your hair products taking up a large amount of space in your bag? Well I may have a hair solution that conveniently allows you to leave your hair products at home. I recently went on a week long trip to the mountains and I had the same dilemma when packing. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my hair so I packed a blow dryer, a flat iron, hair pins, a spray bottle, a 3 types of brushes and 2 combs, gel, elastic bands, and conditioner. Before I left, I two strand twisted my hair as a temporary style.I boarded the bus and saw that my fellow naturalistas were rocking their two strand twist as well.

These instructions make the process sound easy. Gonna have to try it...Two strand twist!
If done neatly two strand twist can be at least a two week hair style. Twist outs are very popular but you can also style the two strand twist for a few days before letting them out. I ended up wearing my twist in and not needing all the other hair products I packed for my trip. Other than my spray bottle, a few hair pins and a little gel for my edges I didn’t put any product in my hair for the whole week and transformed into another hair style in a matter of second. At the end of the week the naturalistas unraveled their twist and had a beautiful twist out.


Twist out. To learn how to grow your hair longer click here - http://blackhair.cc/1jSY2ux

If you’re like me and hate to twist your hair every night you can maintain you twist out by simply spraying water on it, applying a little moisturizer if needed, shake and go! You can also put large twist in it at night to avoid the matted fro in the morning. Two strand twist are easy to do and can last you for quite some time. I definitely think this will be my go to protective style this summer.

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