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Locs all in the family!

Dreadlocks are a natural hairstyle that has been around since the beginning of time. The practice is associated with many different religious practices such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and of course Rastafarian, and while many young men and women practice locking as a fashion statements, for many people the roots run deeper.

“All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the he separateth himself unto the LORD, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow.”

— Book of Numbers 6:5, KJV


Keturah Bashaar is a Florida A&M student, and an aspiring make-up artist who not only has long beautiful locks that flow down her back but comes from of family full of locks, from both her parents to her 6 younger brothers and sisters, which she says has turned into their family symbol.

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“We never really sat down and decided upon this, but it sort of just turned into our representation of family. We protect and love each other another, and this was like a uniform way to show that we were united”

Keturah says she and her family prefer to call their hair “locks” as oppose to dreadlocks because of the negative connotation.When she was younger her and her siblings received a lot of criticism mostly do to misunderstanding and judgment, as with any natural style, but now a days it has become apart of her personality and she says she wouldn’t trade her locks for any other style.


“Sometimes because locks are so closely associated with the Rastafarian lifestyle people assume that it’s all about smoking and reggae, but I do identify with a lot of their principles, which have a much more powerful meaning than just a fashion statement.”


“At times I do get frustrated and I’m just like Ughh I just want a regular style, but then I calm down and remember this is my hair, this is who I am.”

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But just because she’s had her locks since she was 6 years old doesn’t mean her hair doesn’t change! Keturah is always switching up the color or style from her favorite a high twisted bun, or by creating something new, like curly coils.

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Keturah prefers natural hair care products rather than store bought, which may be one of the reasons her locks are so lovely.

“I like to use Shea butter, and olive oil or natural hair vendors such as one Atlanta vendor Honey Moon, which my whole family used at one point, and I know my mom really likes coconut oil and tea tree oil”

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I asked Keturah who she thought had the best locks in her family and she did not hesitate to say her mother and there’s a very special reason why.

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“I really love my mom’s hair because her locks are truly unique. She had every one of my brother and sister’s locks in her hair. Overtime, if our locks would fall off, she would sew them on the end of hers and so just like that she had all her kid’s hair in her hair.”

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Keturah encourages those considering locks to examine the reasons for wanting to sport the hairstyle carefully, because Dreads, like life, have phases and unfortunately there is an ugly phase. Warranted or unwarranted criticism will come.

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Keturah continues to style her “Goldie Locks”, as she designs and enhances the natural beauty of her peers and which keeps her busy around campus. Her goal is to become a celebrity make-up artist, as she continues to wear her family tradition hairstyles as a badge of honor for many more years.

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You can see more pictures of Keturah her lovely locks, and her amazing make-up skills on instagram @kultureskouture and read more stories like thins in the NEW Edition of Natura Magazine.

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