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Locs Revolution: Loc’d &Loosed Event (Embracing the Loc Population)

Via (Locs Revolution Facebook)

Locs Revolution was born out of the natural hair movement in order to shed light on the often forgotten locs population. Bloggers, product companies and events too often have not taken into consideration the unique lifestyle that is locs.

Locs are natural hair too! We too desire to learn about how to care for our natural tresses, the best we can. Always interested in new products, styles, maintenance techniques and the culture behind the diverse spectrum of locs. On the Locs Revolution page we share information about all of the above.

As kinks, curls and afros have become more and more accepted and celebrated many still view “dreadlocks” with a long list of stereotypes. Together we are working to erase the social stigma of wearing “dreadlocks” through education celebration and support.

Whether you have locs or not you can be a part of this movement. Join the Revolution.
Locs Revolution.

Natura Magazine had the grand opportunity to  attend the recent Loc’d and Loosed event put on by Loc’s Revolution and we captured it all for you!

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