MAC Liquid Liner Review

MAC Liquid Liner Review

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As an avid MAC Cosmetics consumer, I often find myself scrolling through in search of my next great makeup find. Despite these frequent visits, I admittedly find the website to be a bit overwhelming. For example, try searching for liquid liner; you’ll find five different styles of liquid liner (trust me, I checked) with very similar names, but elaborately different tube designs. Aside from the short, and very sweet descriptions of each different liner, these descriptions do little to assist the occasional makeup wearer, who wants to try liquid eyeliner but doesn’t know where to begin. My own obsession with liquid liner has driven me to experiment with three of the five different liners sold on the MAC Cosmetics website, and so I’m here to offer my own short, not necessarily sweet descriptions.


My very first liquid liner was the “Superslick Liquid Liner”.


My favorite aspect of this particular liner was the felt-tipped applicator end. The unique design of this liquid liner tube made applying the liner extremely easy, and allowed me to create precise lines. However, out of the three liners, I found that this particular one lasted the shortest amount of time. This is probably mostly due to the fact that this liner is $19.50 for .06 fl oz. For the same price, you can order MAC’s “Liquid Eye Liner” (clever name, I know) which is .084 fl oz.


Despite the bottle design, which appears to hold less liquid than the “Superslick Liquid Liner”, the “Liquid Eye Liner” actually holds slightly more liquid, and consequently lasts longer. The difference is small, but if you wear makeup everyday like I do, every day counts. This liner also has the easy-to-use felt tip seen on the “Superslick Liquid Liner” that allows you to create the perfect winged eye.

The liquid liner in my makeup bag right now is the  “Liquidlast Liner”. This is by far my least favorite liquid liner due to the difficulty that I experience while applying it. This particular liner doesn’t have the felt tip that the other two liners have, and the brush just does not provide the same level of precision. In fact, I often use a separate brush dipped into the liquid, rather than using the one provided with the liner. Despite this flaw, as the it’s name implies, the “Liquidlast Liner” lasts the longest.


With that being said, if I had to choose between the three, I would definitely choose the “Liquid Eyeliner”; however, I am looking forward to trying MAC’s “Fluidline” gel eyeliner, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!


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