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  • September 26, 2013

Meet Natura Beauty Of The Week: Tsholo Dikobe

Meet Natura Beauty Of The Week: Tsholo Dikobe

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Natura Magazine is going GLOBAL!!!!!!

Meet this unique and daring Naturalista from Botswana, Africa.  Tsholo  Dikobe,  (The Khoi-fro ) is a young, creative fashion artist/fashion journalist and stylist who is kissed by the sun twice.

The sciences of appearances has always been my outlet for expression, beyond the conformity of the traditional; hence I came to the most important decision in my life, to go with my heart and entire self and to remind myself not to forget important pieces about myself. I went natural.  I love being natural because through my hair, I remember all things we didn’t do and things we shouldn’t forget.

I love my natural hair. Its my crown! No matter how frustrating taking care of natural hair or growing it can be, I just know that its an exciting time to be a natural.  🙂

Follow her blog @ http://thekhoifro.wordpress.com/

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